Get 5 printable Art of Tea coloring pages to help you find zen this holiday season.

Download 5 coloring pages inspired by our favorite Art of Tea patterns. They're easy to print, so you can color unlimited pages!

  • Coloring helps you de-stress and unwind. It's an awesome self-care technique and a fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing! 
  • Put down your phone while you enjoy your tea and try coloring instead! Switching your online habits for offline activities helps promote mindfulness. Learn more about how taking a break from technology can lift your mood in our blog about our Holiday Digital Detox.
  • Put the "Art" in Art of Tea. Color five of our favorite patterns yourself! Use colors similar to what we've used, or get creative and try your own color combinations!
If you are serious about finding zen, you came to the right place! Pairing Art of Tea’s tea & botanical selections with the calming act of coloring is the perfect relaxing activity for any time of day.




Happy Digital Detoxing!